WooCommerce Upsells Popup & Upsells & Cross-sells

This plugin shows an upsell popup when adding a product to the cart and adds an upsell manager in the admin panel that allows you to quickly and massively work with upsells, cross-sells and grouped products. It also allows you to install your own related products.

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How to enable the upsell popup

After the plugin is activated, the "Products -> Upsells Popup" section will appear in the admin panel, go to this section and click the "Enable upsell popup?" checkbox.
Add Upsells to the product in the Linked Products section (on the product edit page), then go to your website and add this product to the cart. An upsell pop-up will appear.

Adding Up-sells, Cross-sells and Grouped products for product

How to open the linked products manager

How to use the linked product manager

Select a category at the top left or use the product search. Select the products you need by clicking on them below. Click --> button to set Upsells, Cross-sells or Grouped products.
After the linked products are set, click the "Save changes" button, you're done!


Bulk adding linked products

On the product list page ("Products --> All products"), select the products in which you want to install linked products. In "Bulk actions" select "Up&Cross-sells" and click "Apply", the linked product manager will open.

If the switch is shifted to the left in the top right of the window, then the linked products will complement those that already exist.
If this switch is moved to the right, then all linked products will be set exactly as specified in the linked products manager, if one of the fields is empty, then the linked products of this field will be cleared.

You can assign entire categories to Upsells and Crosssells.
How it can be useful:

Categories for Upselling and Cross-selling are added to product categories, to do this, go to the Products -- Categories section, there you will see 2 fields: Upsells Categories and Cross-sells Categories. Select categories in the required field.
And there is also a checkbox "Add current category to selected?", if it is active, then the current category you are editing will be added to all selected categories in the field, this is useful for cross-selling.